From small to big. Our past customers span a variety of industries.



Ottobock is considered the world market leader in the field of prosthetics and one of the leading suppliers in orthotics, wheelchairs and exoskeletons.

Ottobock wants to digitally transform their medical supply stores and ...



SoundCloud is one of the leading music streaming companies worldwide. It is mentioned along Companies such as Spotify and YouTube.

For SoundCloud we developed recommender systems, spam detection systems and optimized their search ran...


BSDEX (Stock Exchange Stuttgart)

BSDEX is a crypto exchange platform and a subsidiary of the German stock exchange Stuttgart.

BSDEX wanted to become a data driven company and asked us to assist them.

In order to do that we introduced new technologies and moved ...



As one of the logistics frontrunners in Germany, Hermes leveraged multiple licensed software solutions to streamline their daily operations. However, this approach inadvertently resulted in the formation of data silos, preventing a ...


Deep Breath Intelligence

Deep Breath Intelligence (DBI) combines high-resolution mass spectrometry with advanced machine learning models to provide breath metabolic profiling. This allows for instance to predict diseases in real time based on the human breath.

For D...



Idagio is the leading music streaming service for classical music.

For Idagio we designed and implemented a music recommender system from scratch. The final model is a deep neural network and was based on YouTube’s production recomme...


Muru Music

For Muru Music we built a system to classify audio tracks into their main and sub genres.

We used a deep convolutional neural network which operated directly on the raw audio features. No high level features were used.

The system was trained on multiple large scale production cat...

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