We enable our customers to profit from data and AI.

With more than 10 years of experience in this field we are able to consult on one hand and implement the solutions in production on the other.

How we help our clients

Data School

We help to understand if and where the usage of data and AI makes sense. Which challenges exist and how to overcome them.

Data Infrastructure

We plan and implement data architectures and MLOps platforms. This enables our customers to collect, store and process data effectively as well as to use AI in production.

Data Products

We build data and AI driven software products which reduce costs and risks on one hand and increase profit and user experience on the other.

Who we are

nonlinear.ai is a team of data and AI Experts based in Germany.

Our background is not in classic consulting. We learned our skills from renowned tech companies. You won't get fancy presentations from us, instead you'll get software products which users love.

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Our customers

We work with companies of every size and industry.

We provide the data and AI knowledge. However, you are the expert when it comes to your industry and internal processes. Working in close partnership is thus essential to us.

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Driving Innovation Through Data and AI Excellence

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