About Us

Our background is not in traditional consulting. We have learned our craft from globally recognized tech companies. You won't get fancy presentations from us, instead you’ll get software products which users love.

picture ozgur
Özgür (PhD)

Özgür is a senior data scientist and software engineer. He has an academic background and holds a PhD in machine learning. With over 10+ years of software development experience he is able to plan and...

picture alexey
Alexey (PhD)

Alexey is a Data Scientist and Software Engineer and holds a PhD in Functional Programming. Alexey has 13+ years experience in Machine Learning, Compiler Technology, Software Parallelization and Softw...

picture derek

Derek is a research engineer and data scientist with 10 years of experience. He has a Master's Degree and extensive experience in audio processing (classification, fingerprinting, and TTS), however he...

picture rany

Rany is a research engineer, data scientist, and ML expert with 15+ years of experience. As one of SoundCloud’s first 20 employees, he designed and built production machine learning systems serving hu...

Our Values

Innovative, pragmatic, and experienced
We have multiple years of experience in AI research and the ability to implement it in production. We have already designed and implemented solutions reaching over 100 million users a day.
Measurable Results
It is important to us that incorporating AI in products adds a measurable value. Proper metrics and KPIs help us deliver a better product.
Newest findings from AI research
Our machine learning experts make use of the latest results from AI research.
Technology Independent
We have experience with a wide variety of technology stacks and cloud solutions. Together we will choose technologies which are best suited for your company and the particular project.
A One Stop Shop
We cover the entire AI topic: from consulting to final implementation.
Security and Compliance
Our solutions conform to the highest security standards and apply to the EU-GDPR regulations. We will support you to become cloud ready with anonymized user data.
Custom Solutions
We believe that custom solutions should deliver the best possible results. Our holistic and iterative approach allows us to develop the best possible services and products.
Small Teams
Our multidisciplinary teams cover all aspects of the product development cycle. We have experienced product managers, software developers and data scientists.
Working Culture
We are a decentralized, remote-first company. This allows us to work with the best experts worldwide. Our main location is in Berlin, Germany. We believe in flat hierarchies, high responsibility and participation, constant education, diversity, fair compensation and flexible working hours.
Start-Up Culture
We have supported various startups from their very beginning. We know the strategic and economic risks of digital transformation from our own experience. Both the customer as well as market focus are very important to us.

Driving Innovation Through Data and AI Excellence

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