AI-Driven data products in 4 steps

We will accompany you from the initial idea up to the finished product. For this we work in four steps which are highly adjusted to your company's and project’s needs.

It is possible to start at a later step as required. This is useful whenever our customers already have a concrete product in mind.



The assessment phase consists of 4 workshops which build upon each other.

The workshops are individualized to the participants.

All workshops will take place offsite so that the participants are not distracted by their daily work.



We will take the most promising ideas from the previous assessment step and implement them in a prototype.

Prototypes allow us to validate ideas quickly and optimize them iteratively based on relevant metrics and user tests.

It is important to us that the usage of AI adds real value to the product. We will not use AI for the sake of AI.



Once satisfied with the prototype we will put it into production: secure, performant and maintainable.

We bring experience from the cutting edge of the industry. We know how leading internet companies are successfully using Data Engineering, Machine Learning and Data Science in practice.

Infrastructure topics like data architecture and production machine learning systems are our bread and butter.



AI based products are complex and the field moves quickly.

We will help you to maintain our products and improve them based on the newest research results.

Relevant metrics and KPIs, in combination with online and offline testing, allows us to generate the best possible models.

We make you a data driven organization

Becoming a data driven organization requires a solid foundation of steps, each of which is built on top of the previous. We support you at each of these steps regardless of where you are on your journey.

This foundation comes at a cost, though, and might not be necessary for single AI-based applications. In this case we will provide you with the necessary basics and you can benefit from our maturity.

maturity model
Data Driven Organization (DDO)
In a data driven organization important decisions are based on data. Key performance indicators (KPIs) help you monitor the current status of the company at any time. AI-based products reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and give you a competitive advantage over your market rivals.
Data Platform
Data consumers such as BI, Analytics or AI have differing requirements on how to consume data. AI-based software development for example is fundamentally different from traditional software development: it is experiment based. Usually we will start off with a simple model and improve upon the results iteratively. A data platform which allows fast experimentation is hereby crucial.
Access & Compliance
Consumers such as Reporting, BI, Analytics and AI have to be able to access data in a simple, secure and controlled way. Data quality plays a crucial role as well as to follow the current compliance regulations.
Data Processing
It must be possible to quickly process large datasets. We will help you to decide which technologies to use and how to introduce them into your company.
Data Digitization
AI models are based on data. Without data it is not possible to train AI models. We help you to decide which data to collect and how to collect it. Most companies already possess unused datasets which need to be pre-processed and digitized. This can be a tedious task. Our existing AI models can help to automate this process.